Our advocacy work is aimed at creating understanding and parity for Kansas optometrists. Our members hold their practice to the highest standard. We help others understand the value optometrists provide to those they serve.

What is KOPAC?

Optometrists have the distinct pleasure of bringing the world into focus. Developing the full potential for our patients’ vision is deeply gratifying. Despite the rewarding nature of our profession, we face challenges. Unfortunately, optometrists are not widely understood to be general practitioners and healthcare providers. That’s why we’re here. KOPAC and the Kansas Optometric Association advocate on behalf of the hundreds of optometrists who practice in Kansas. We educate about the importance of eye care and make sure patients have access to our care. We make sure optometrists’ voices are heard by policy makers.

How can you help?

Contribute to KOPAC to back candidates who are supportive of the issues that affect our profession.

Non-members can donate here.

Contact your legislator about issues important to your practice.

Do you have an already established relationship with a key government leader? Let us know if you’re willing to help us advocate.

Report potential issues that arise which could affect the profession or that need advocacy work.

Key Legislative Issues


The Kansas Optometric Association has worked to pass legislation designed to update the scope of practice of optometrists in Kansas and provided optometrists with the right to negotiate contracts with third party payers based on their practice models.

The Kansas Optometric Association has also balanced technological advances and patient convenience with public safety and appropriate standards of care.

In addition to its statewide operations, the Kansas Optometric Association works on a national level, in conjunction with the American Optometric Association, to address federal issues that impact the profession and the public. 

Listen to Legislative Committee Hearings

During the legislative session, many committee rooms in the statehouse offer live streaming of committee proceedings.

Find your Legislator





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